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Vehicle Shipping from Australia to NZ and Vice Versa


There are three main reasons to ship a vehicle from Australia to NZ. If you are migrating from Australia to New Zealand. This also works vice versa with people moving the other way and looking to ship across the Tasman. Secondly, car admirers that source and import unique or luxury cars. Thirdly, regular importers that buy cars from auction yards such as Pickles. These regular clients use Dolphin Shipping to handle the door-to-door service of international vehicle shipping.  


Dolphin Shipping is a freight agent specialised in shipping vehicles across the Tasman. We ship all types of vehicles. From cars, motorbikes, boats, and heavy machinery. Furthermore, we specialise in importing caravans from Australia to NZ and back for travelers or bargain hunters. More commonly, Dolphin Shipping provides full-service car shipping.


If you are importing from Australia, you must prove that the vehicle meets NZ compliance standards. You can check the latest requirements before shipping via the NZTA website. Likewise, to import a vehicle to Australia you must prove it meets AU registration needs. You can do this via the Department of Transport website. Overall, there are much tighter restrictions to import to Australia than vice versa. Australia has very strict rules to import used vehicles. You can check if you qualify via the Department of Transport website.


When it comes to shipping vehicles from Australia to New Zealand or the opposite way, we provide a complete solution. Get a quote below and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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From privates to dealers looking at importing vehicles across the Tasman, our track record is close to 0% in damage claims.

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We know dealing with import regulations can be a nightmare. Our experienced team is always 3 steps ahead.

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If you require a high-quality vehicle shipping service between Australia and New Zealand, make Dolphin Shipping your first port of call. With over 20 years of industry experience, we’ve built a rock-solid reputation as a leading logistics provider. Thorough, efficient, cost-effective… you’re in the best of hands.

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Transit Times

Please note: Car Shipping Transit Times from Australia to NZ are subject to change at any time.

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FAQs - Trans-Tasman Vehicle Shipping

Most frequent questions and answers regarding vehcile shipping between NZ and Australia.

The total cost will depend on a few variables. Such as the purchase price, departure location and destination, vehicle size, port clearance costs, and compliance. Nonetheless, an indicative cost to import a car via a freight agent will be between $2150 to $3000.


This freight package may include:

  • Pick-up in the metro area near the port.
  • Pre-export inspection
  • Export agent fees
  • Ocean Freight
  • Marine Insurance
  • Landing port clearance charges
  • Delivery in the metro area near the port.
  • Import agent fees

Variables that usually aren’t included in the price due to their case by case basis:

  • Any pick-up or delivery location outside the metro area nearest to the related port.
  • MPI Cleaning – if required at landing port.
  • Compliance inspection & registration.
  • GST to NZ Customs – 15% of CIF (value of the vehicle, marine insurance, and ocean freight) +$55.71NZD Entry Fee

There may be different reasons for shipping your car from Australia. For example, it could be the convenience of a family car or a purchase of a classic car. Certainly, it is important to understand all of the costs. Ultimately, you can make an informed decision on the matter.


Rest assured, Dolphin Shipping provides competitive rates. To clarify, we are one of the main freight agents for vehicle shipping between Australia and NZ. Therefore, we have a long-term relationship with all third-party providers to ensure a good price and service. Get in touch to get a quote based on your circumstances and vehicle.

As mentioned before, your vehicle must meet certain NZTA standards before import. Find the latest standards on the NZTA website.


However, here is an overview:

  • Proof of Ownership
  • Emissions Standards
  • Statement of Compliance
  • Fuel Consumption Certificate
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • Heavy-vehicle Brakes Standards
  • Overall Standards – ADR Compliance

Therefore, it is not just about the cost to ship a car. You must make sure your car will comply with NZ import rules. However, in some cases, you may be able to import under an exception. For example, if you are moving permanently and meet certain criteria, you may be able to import under an “Immigrants’ Vehicles” exemption for a non-compliant vehicle.


If your vehicle doesn’t meet the above mentioned standards, you could apply for any of the following exemptions:

  • Importing a Left-Hand Drive Vehicle
  • Immigrants’ Vehicles
  • Importing a Vehicle Temporarily
  • Special Interest Vehicles


The NZTA website is the source to find out more about each exemption. You can also get in touch with Dolphin Shipping to answer any questions. After 20+ years of vehicle shipping, we know the process off by heart. It is our job to stay updated with the latest changes in rules.


On the other hand, importing into Australia can be much more difficult. As already mentioned, Australian regulations are much stricter to import cars. Shipping into Australia requires an experienced freight forwarder. With offices in Auckland and Sydney, Dolphin Shipping can handle the process door-to-door. If a vehicle meets import standards, we will follow the process from start to finish with you.

When it comes to importing a vehicle from Australia to NZ, there are a couple of things to consider.


Will the vehicle comply with NZ Road standards? Is there any money owing on it prior to shipping?


Here are some pros and cons of importing a car from Australia to NZ:



  • When buying from Pickles or Manheim Auction houses, you may come across a bargain for the vehicle you are after! The cost to import the car, repair, and comply may be less than market value.
  • You get to keep your personal/family vehicle that you have invested so much into over the years. A tested and reliable family car and the cost of shipping the car may well outweigh the option to source and purchase another used vehicle.
  • Time constraints and circumstances may mean you could lose out on resale value for your vehicle. Therefore, it would be best to at least consider importing the vehicle with you.
  • If you are a car enthusiast, the world is now your oyster! Australia has a wide range of classical cars for you to shop and ship from. Car shipping from Australia has never been easier, so you can truly enjoy the broader range you may find in a bigger market.


  • If you are purchasing your vehicle from an Auction house and shipping to NZ, you won’t know the full condition until it arrives.
  • Unexpected delays could mean up to 30 days approximately from export to being road legal.
  • Your vehicle must have no money owing on it before shipping internationally.

Yes, we regularly deal with clients that purchase from Manheim & Pickles Auctions.


In Australia, the motor vehicle laws are much stricter. This results in hundreds of vehicles written off for minor damage. These vehicles end up in Manheim or Pickles Auctions, ready for anyone to purchase. The purchase, repair, and cost to import the car to NZ present an impressive re-sale opportunity. On your behalf, we can arrange the collection of the vehicle from the Auction and delivered to you. 


We advise that you arrange pre-transport photos for insurance purposes while we take care of the rest.


In some cases, your vehicle may be a non-runner but you were not aware of this. This is something you must consider in the cost of shipping to New Zealand.


As soon as we find out, we will inform you. This could be due to a drained battery, transmission, or a crooked wheel for example. When our local transporter collects your vehicle, they will assess whether it classifies as a non-runner. From there, we will update your quote to include the non-runner fees that will come up.

Such as:

  • Tow fee to Loading Port in Australia (non-runner).
  • Non-runner vessel fee as the vehicle will need to be towed on/off the vessel.
  • Non-runner fees on the NZ Port if the vehicle needs to be MPI cleaned.
  • Towing fee off the NZ Port to your destination (non-runner).

Please note your vehicle may need to be forklifted on and off the tow trucks, vessels, or Ports.


Most importantly, we facilitate all that is required for you to receive your vehicle. A door-to-door vehicle shipping service.

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Ilya Krzhenitskiy
"Outstanding service. Highly recommend!! We had an urgent job to transport our car to meet us in MIQ. The team went above & beyond to deliver on time. Communication was regular & very professional."
Michelle Luxton
"All our Imports & Exports part of our business has been handled by Dolphin Shipping since 2015, always been great to deal with."
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"Great service, and importantly kept me informed, answering my many question really quickly as car was held over long weekend. Thanks team, friendly and professional all the way ."

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